Friday, 7 June 2013

迷思: nitrile glove = 高赚幅?



AirAsia 年年都赚钱,就代表 LCC 一定好赚吗?。。。那为何 Tiger Air 会在亏钱? 

同理,Hartalega 主攻 nitrile 市场赚大钱,
不代表其它公司进军 nitrile 市场就能够一样的享有高赚幅。 

看看 Supermx 最新季报提供的数据:
“While we are increasing production output of Nitrile gloves, we have been maintaining our manufacturing margins of Nitrile Glove at between 11% - 13% to be in line with global market prices, especially Nitrile gloves from China & Thailand. This is in line with our objective to be globally competitive.”
它的 nitrile 业务,只有 11~13% 的 manufacturing margin。
更别说要跟 harta 比了。


所以,不要以为进军 nitrile 就一定好赚。
一个不小心,赚的钱搞不好比 NR glove 还少。


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